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Primeclass CIP SERVICE

What is Primeclass?
Primeclass is a personal passenger assistance service scheme set up to make all traveling processes easier, such as offering personal meet & assist, transfer and hotel-ticket reservations through a boutique service mentality.
Where is the Primeclass available?
Primeclass is available Ankara Esenboga and Izmir Adnan Menderes airports as well as Batumi and Tbilisi in Georgia, Enfidha in Tunisia, Skopje and Ohrid in Macedonia.
How can I book?
Bookings can be made by emailing your flight details via 24 hours prior to your flight. Booking procedure may vary at service points outside Turkey*
What food and drink do the lounges provide?
Menus vary between location and guests are advised to check them with lounge team. Food and Drink menus are subject to availability and seasonal changes. As a responsible purveyor of alcohol within the airport, our lounges may change the timetable to serve alcohol in order to monitor the number of alcohol related incidents within the airport.
Where are the meeting international points situated?
The meeting points for International Departure Service are as follows: Ankara- Entrance “D” and Izmir Entrance “A”. Passengers are required to arrive at the meeting points 2 hours prior to the flight. The meeting points for Arrival Service at Ankara Esenboga airports are situated by the exit of the passenger boarding bridge or by the “primeclass Meeting Point” sign within the terminal if the aircraft parks at the apron.
Where are the meeting Domestic points situated?
The meeting points for Domestic Departure Service are as follows: Istanbul- Entrance “Main Terminal Entrance”, Ankara- Entrance “D” and Izmir Entrance “A”. Passengers are required to arrive at the meeting points 2 hours prior to the flight.
How can I pay for the service?
The payment is required during booking over the phone or via bank transfer prior to the service.
We would like to make a group booking for the Primeclass. Is there a discount for group bookings?
Yes. We offer family discounts for families of 3 or more. Group discount is also available for groups of 5 or more. Please email via for details.
Do you charge for children under 18 who travel on their own?
Children traveling “alone” are charged individually. Services are free for children up to 2 years old.
Can I book within the 24 hours before the flight?
No extra charge is applicable for Ankara and Izmir. The booking is confirmed subject to availability.*
Can I change the date and time of my reservation in cases of force majeure or problems arising from the airline?
You can make changes in your reservation in cases of problems arising from the airline. Changes required due to other reasons must be communicated to minimum 24 hours in advance.
Can CIP Hostess complete my check-in transactions before I arrive at the airport?
In accordance with the aviation regulations, all flight and security transactions are completed with the passenger present.Primeclass Hostesses provide assistance during transactions.*
Are transaction stamps bought by the CIP Hostesses?
Yes, however the applicable fee is not included in the Primeclass charge.*


Is the transfer service included in the Primeclass?
The transfer service is not included in the Primeclass. You must inform during reservation that you require transfer service which is charged separately.
What is apron transfer and how is it different than regular transfer?
Apron transfer is a service entailing the transfer of the passenger to the terminal in a private when the aircraft parks at the apron. You must inform during reservation that you require apron transfer service. Apron transfer service is available only at Ankara airports when flying with Turkish airlines. A service fee of 55 € + VAT is charged prior to the service.
As the apron transfer fee is charged in advance, is it refunded if the service does not take place?
The parking position of aircraft becomes clear within the last few minute. If the aircraft parks by the passenger bridge and the transfer service is not needed, then the fee is refunded.


Is food and beverage free of charge at the lounges?
All food and beverage available at the lounges are free of charge
Is alcohol available at lounges?
Alcohol is available at Primeclass Lounges. The content of the services may differ between lounges.
Can I use your lounge if I travel with an economy ticket?
Certainly. We are open to all airport users irrespective of airline or class of travel.
Can I leave the lounge to go shopping then come back?
Yes, you can leave and return. For security reasons please take your baggage with you whenever you leave the lounge.
What are the children rates?
0-2 aged children enjoy the lounge service free of charge.
Can I leave my baggage at your lounges?
Your baggage is more than welcome to be kept in our lounge during your stay with us. However, while you are not using our services, please keep the baggage with you due to security reasons.
Can I make a lounge booking for today?
Yes you can, and also you have a chance to pay and use the lounge upon arrival without reservation.
Is smoking permitted in lounges?
Smoking is not permitted in any of the lounges. But There is terrace where you can smoke nearby Comfort Lounge.
Do your lounges have wireless internet access?
We have wireless internet access. You will be able to see facilities each lounge has to offer prior to making your booking. Please choose the lounge from the location list on the website.
What if I need to amend or cancel my booking?
All amendments must be made at least 6 hours prior to the booked date and time by emailing us at Otherwise, we will not entertain changes. Cancellations should be made in writing by email at least 6 hours prior to the booked date and time in order to receive a refund. No refund will be entertained if cancellation is sent less than 6 hours prior to the booked date and time.

​​*Please visit the relevant country page for rules at overseas service points and details.​
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