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Terms of Service Use - Primeclass CIP Service

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All the terms and abbreviations used herein this contract are stated as follows

2. Primeclass CIP Service  :   Special passenger service offered by TAV, making travel processes more rapid and comfortable both in arrivals and departures during time spent at the airport. 
3. SITE: The web site having the domain name
4. VISITOR: The person or persons who are visiting the site to get information without disclosing their personal contact information.   
5. MEMBER/CUSTOMER: The person(s) or organization(s) who have got a User Name (valid e-mail address) and a Password (a numerical data) by disclosing some personal information to enter the Site. They benefit from the services mentioned in the web site by paying a fee upon giving their personal and/or corporate information, service details with their freely given consent.  
6. USER: General name for all visitors, members and customers using the web site. 


1. Confidentiality: The owner of this site is TAV and TAV is liable for the protection of the privacy of users. In general terms; the Confidentiality Agreement is valid for all user information collected and used by TAV. This Confidentiality Agreement discloses in general how the information and data types collected by TAV in this site are used and protected. TAV hereby confirms that the terms of this Contract shall be carried out. Thus in connection with the principles herein stated, ultimate care is shown for the protection of every kind of information collected by TAV in strict confidence. However, this liability’s ultimate confidentiality is provided and limited by the Internet. The site has connections with other web sites of affiliates and subsidiaries of TAV who are deemed sensitive to confidentiality and keeping up with related standards. However TAV shall not be held liable for the content or confidentiality principles of the concerned web sites. 

2. Confidentiality of Personal Information and Membership Records:
By using the web site the user grants permission that his or her personal information in the web site can be accessed by TAV and affiliate companies and representatives.   
You must complete the membership process in order to make reservations or purchasing transactions via the web site. You can access detailed information regarding the process from the link: Terms of Use. For membership you must provide a valid electronic mail (e-mail) address and choose a password to supersede the password that is previously sent to you by the system.  

In addition, you must provide some other personal information varying according to the service you require, comprising but not limited to personal information such as name-surname, ID no, address. If you could not give the information required to enable TAV to carry out your transactions, then the service will not be available. TAV is not liable for interruption of service resulting from false or missing information.  

You should always keep your membership information confidential; TAV shall not be liable if third parties access your e-mail and/or password. You shall be liable for the consequences of not keeping this information confidential and TAV, irrespective of the name under which such breach of confidentiality occurs, shall not bear any responsibility. 
The information declared by you can only be used under the terms and conditions herein stated in accordance with the regulations, rules, and arrangements for the purposes stated below:

  • Verification of ID and account registration  
  • Gaining membership
  • Reservation, purchasing services and making payment  
  • Communicating announcements and news regarding the marketing of our services and products
  • Making lists of members to keep in touch with you and gathering statistics regarding your transactions. Commercial statistics and web site usage are evaluated to serve you better.

3. Confidentiality of Reservation Records 
You will receive a reservation number when you make a reservation. This reservation number must be kept confidential at all times. TAV shall bear no responsibility in the event that third parties access your reservation number. You shall bear all responsibility for resulting consequences if your reservation number is not kept confidential and TAV, irrespective of the name under which this occurs, shall not bear any liabilities.

4.Protection of Your Personal Information: TAV utilizes various secure techniques for all personal information and data provided so that customers may benefit from the site and the services in this site through secure servers, firewalls (security software), including encryption of mail information by SSL technology.  

Many forms and data sent are protected via encryption while receiving the data with the SSL technology abovementioned.  

Your information and data are kept in accordance with the legal procedures during our transactions based on the objectives stated in the 2nd article. The data is accessed or amended by the update pages. Your visit to these pages shall be construed as your approval for TAV to keep and utilize the updated version of the necessary information and data subject to herein stated in this Confidentiality Agreement. 

5. Cookie’s : In due course, TAV and its subsidiaries and/or representatives may send a "cookie" (a short word document) to your computer through the web site. Cookies are small data sent by the web site server to your Internet browser and stored in the memory of your computer. Cookies do not damage your system. Cookies are managed to see the pages visited in the TAV network or the pages edited by you. Your repeated visits become easier and faster upon the application of cookies. You can reject cookies by changing the settings of your Internet browser or enabling your browser to give a warning when a cookie is sent to your computer. If you reject cookies, the number of applications you can access on your system and on other web sites will be decreased and some options will not run as expected. TAV is not liable for a decrease in the number of applications and other defects.  

6. Agreement Amendments: This Confidentiality Agreement is subject to change. TAV will announce any such amendments in the Confidentiality Agreement through the web site. All personal and/or membership and/or reservation information is subject to the terms and conditions of the Confidentiality Agreement as amended. 

Here in this Terms of Use statement has the nature of and serves as a Contract between you and TAV Operation Services Co. Hereinafter TAV Operation Services Co. shall be referred as “TAV”, Primeclass CIP Service or “Our Company.” In the Contract you shall be referred as “Member”, “User” or “Users of the Service.”  The terms shall be valid for software, updates, related web sites and portals regarding Prime Pack, lounge, transfer, prime flower, prime apron, prime car rental, prime hotel, prime tour, prime insurance, prime ticket, and prime conference services accessible from of Primeclass CIP Service and shall also be applied for each kind of update. The software devised for all Primeclass CIP Service shall be referred to as “Service.” In the event that there are different provisions regarding these services, the differing terms shall be effective. By using the site you affirm that you are at least 18 years old and all the information disclosed by you is correct. There may be other notifications and terms proclaimed regarding the service. All these notifications and terms are included in these .
This service is available for your use only on the condition that you agree to the terms of use set forth below. If you do not agree to please do not use site.

1. Membership
All real persons, companies, corporate customers, legal entities, groups and associations can obtain Primeclass CIP Service membership. 

Real persons who wish to become members (individual members), can apply by filling out the membership application form in full which is found on the main page of the online reservation system at . It is obligatory for the User to fill out all sections of the Application Form; Name, Surname, Address, Telephone Number, a valid e-mail address, and a password defined by the User. An activation e-mail will be sent to the electronic mail address given by the user for membership request. The member is responsible for keeping his or her password confidential. 

Legal entities (corporate members) who wish to become members may apply by filling out the membership application form in full which is found on the main page of the online reservation system at It is obligatory to fill out all sections of the Application Form; Company Name, Address, Telephone Number, and a valid e-mail address.  
Upon the membership request of legal entities (corporate members), an activation e-mail and a random password created automatically by the system will be sent to the electronic mail address given by the member. This information is kept in the system by encrypting with an MD5 algorithm; however the member is liable for keeping his or her password confidential and not disclosing it to third parties.  

The member’s user name shall be the valid electronic mail address stated in the application form. 

2. Terms of Service Use

2.1.Booking Services on the Web Site

  • Meet & Assist Service
  • Lounge Service
  • ​Transfer Service
  • Apron Service
  • Other Services
2.2. Matters Concerning the Service

  •  If the passenger purchases International Terminal Departure Service at Istanbul Atatürk Airport, he or she is met at entrance E1 on the Departure Level at least 2 hours before the flight. 
  •  If the passenger purchases Domestic Terminal Departure Service at Istanbul Atatürk Airport, he or she is met at the Departure Level at least 2 hours before the flight. 
  •  If the passenger purchases International Terminal Departure service at Ankara Esenboğa Airport, he or she is met at entrance A on the Departure Level at least 2 hours before the flight. 
  •  If the passenger purchases Domestic Terminal Departure Service at Ankara Esenboğa Airport, he or she is met at entrance D on the Departure Level at least 2 hours before the flight. 
  •  If the passenger purchases Arrival Service at Istanbul or Ankara Airports, he or she is met as he or she enters the terminal. 
  • For travel from Istanbul by private aircraft, services are provided at the General Aviation Terminal.
  • For detailed information regarding travel by private aircraft from Ankara, you may call 0312 590 40 00. 
  • If the passenger purchases International Terminal Departure Service at Tbilisi Airport, he or she is met at the departure passenger gate in the terminal at least 2 hours before the flight. 
  • If the passenger purchases International Terminal Arrival Service at Tbilisi Airport, he or she is met when he or she gets off the plane and is taken to the Primeclass CIP Service Arrival Lounge in a private vehicle. All passenger transactions are carried out at the Primeclass CIP Service Arrival Lounge.
  • If the passenger purchases International Terminal Departure Service at Batumi Airport, he or she is met at the departure passenger gate in the terminal at least 2 hours before the flight. 
  • ​If the passenger purchases International Terminal Arrival Service at Tbilisi Airport, he or she is met when he or she gets off the plane and is taken to the terminal in a private vehicle.

3. Reservation 

3.1. Reservation and Confirmation
3.1.1. The reservation shall be made by the member (user) via the reservation application on The member shall enter the information which is compulsory to fill out on the reservation form. If there is missing information in the compulsory sections such as passenger named and contact information, the system will send warning e-mails to the member. If it is still not completed, TAV shall retain the right to cancel the reservation or not to offer the service. 

3.1.2. The member may make reservations and purchases by entering his or her user name and password in the system. If the reservation request is entered in the system at least 72 hours before the start of the Primeclass CIP Service requested by the member, then it may be directly purchased before it enters TAV’s approval process. During reservation, in case the flight code is not selected from the system and written in the reservation application by the User, it will appear in the status “Waiting for Approval,” not restricted by any hours or period.

3.1.3. In the event that there is less than 72 hours before the Primeclass CIP Service starts, it is obligatory for TAV (Primeclass CIP Service) to send a pre-approval for completion of the purchase. The Primeclass CIP Service with the status “Waiting for Approval” shall be recorded after it is evaluated as per the workload by Primeclass CIP Service authorities. Approval shall be given through reservation application by Primeclass CIP Service authorities and the latest status of the reservation approved by the authorities shall be notified to the user via electronic mail. At this stage, the user may make payment by entering into the reservation system again. The payment step can be taken when all the services in a reservation file have the “Approved” status. 

3.1.4. If reservation is requested for a service whose price is undefined (in the status of “The Price shall be notified”), reservation status shall be “Waiting for Price Approval.” When the price of this service is given notification by a Primeclass CIP Service officer, the reservation shall be in “Approved (waiting for payment)” status and payment can be made.  

3.1.5. After a reservation is made, revision in the service content and cancellation can also be made on the reservation application on the web site: 

3.2. Cancellation of Reservation 

3.2.1. The total cost of a reservation must be paid in full a minimum of 48 hours before the start of the first Primeclass CIP Service. If payment is not made within this period, TAV has the right to cancel the reservation and not to offer Primeclass CIP Service. 

3.2.2. In the event that reservation of a valid, approved, and paid Primeclass CIP Service is cancelled without sufficient reason of force majeure less than 24 hours before the start of the service, the member is liable for the total cost of the service. With the exception of cancellations during the final 24 hours, the total amount paid shall be reimbursed to the member. Reimbursement shall be made within 10 days at the latest after cancellation in accordance with these terms. It is compulsory to make cancellations via the system at by entering the membership information. 

3.2.3. If the service cannot be made available for reasons not related to TAV (including, but not limited to, reasons such as changes or cancellations in reservation, missing or wrong reservation information, the passenger not introducing himself, changing the meeting hour without notification), TAV shall not be liable for the service not provided; the Member (user) shall be responsible for payment of the whole service cost. 

4. Payment

4.1. Services shall be rendered upon condition that the total service cost regarding all Primeclass CIP Service items requested by the member via reservation form are paid 48 hours before the first service is provided. Payments shall be made via the payment methods stated below in the currency defined during the reservation.

4.2. Payment by Credit Card 
  • As stated in the 3rd article contained herein this regarding reservation requests; if the reservation requested by the member is entered into the system at least 72 hours before the Primeclass CIP Service is set to begin, it can be directly purchased before it goes into TAV’s approval process. If there is less than 72 hours before the beginning of the service, the user can make payment upon receiving the approval of the responsible authorities. 
  • Service cost (including tax and other charges) shall be withdrawn from the credit card used for payment when the service procurement (payment) is approved by the User. It is not compulsory for the credit card owner to benefit from the service. 
  • During the payment process, the three digit security code on your credit card (CVC Number) shall be required for payment. The security code is found on the back of the credit card, after the credit card number in the signature area. 
  • Only Visa and MasterCard are accepted for payments via the Internet. 
SSL  -   On the TAV website, the SSL protocol is utilized on the pages ‘Payment by Credit Card’ and all communication is secured by a 128 bit SSL certificate provided by Global Sign.

4.3. Payment with EFT/Money Order 

The payments can be made via EFT/Money Order by making direct Payment 72 hours before the start of the service or upon receiving an approval e-mail within 72 hours of start of the service.
  • Payments by EFT/ Money Order shall be made to one of the accounts of TAV (Primeclass CIP Service) given on the related page when the alternative ‘Money Order’ is selected. Necessary information concerning the bank account, statement in the explanatory note, and payment amount shall be entered into the EFT/Money Order form on the same page. 
  • ​Information regarding payments made via EFT/ Money Order shall be processed after they are checked by Primeclass CIP Service authorities. In this event, services shall appear accordingly in “Waiting for Payment Approval” status.  

5. Reiterated Reservation

The member (user) is responsible for not making reiterated reservations. Only one of the reservations of the reiterated ones shall be valid as per the reservation policy.

 6. Special Provisions 
Regarding Users who benefit from Primeclass CIP Service within the scope of several Contracts, the clauses in their contracts shall be applied at first. In case there are not any clauses in their contracts, the arrangements made within the framework of these terms shall be valid for these Users also.  

7. Abuse and Unfair Advantage: 

The Member (User) accepts all liabilities regarding legal, penal and compensation that may arise due to the following: 
  • Violation of these terms and the Confidentiality Agreement
  • Abuse of the advantages of the Confidentiality Agreement 
  • ​Try to gain advantage by giving misinformation   

8. Limitation of Liability
In the event that TAV does not use any of the rights granted to itself within the scope of this service or does not require the member to comply with any of the service terms, delays in the utilization of member rights, provisional additional rights given to members against the program rules contrary to de facto applications; these shall not be construed as TAV’s withdrawal from its right of disposition of services or its demand from the member who is obliged to comply with all or any of the terms. They also shall not be interpreted as the exceptional implementation will grant any additional right to the member or other persons; the terms have been amended or the case will be precedent to other implementations. 

9. Right of Transfer
TAV reserves the right to transfer service to successor-predecessor firms or any other third persons and to transfer the agreements to these firms. The member shall be informed about such an occurrence within a reasonable period.

10. Governing Law and Authorized Court 
The interpretation, implementation of herein the Terms of Service Use and resolution of conflicts which may arise are subject to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, and any disputes arising therefore shall be subject to the Courts and Enforcement Agencies of Bakırköy. 

11. Amendments in Terms of Usage 
TAV may revise these terms of usage at any time without prior notice. In case a revision is made within the content of these terms, the amendments shall be published on the site and it is deemed as the revisions are accepted as it is used by the member. In the event that the member does not accept the revisions, the member should cancel the service before the amendments have entered into force. 

12. Interpretation of the Terms
All parts of herein this Terms of Use are valid in maximum as allowed by the law. A court may decide that a part of this Contract shall not be applied. In this case, the part that cannot be applied shall be changed with the provisions best fit for the purpose. These terms are valid with the Confidentiality Agreement and the provisions of the Confidentiality Agreement are interpreted within these Terms. 

13. Force Majeure 
TAV shall not be liable and deemed the infringer of the terms for the losses and damages caused by conditions and events beyond its control within reasonable bounds including war, invasion, power cuts, terrorist attacks, earthquakes or natural disasters.

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